When you are looking to move out of your home and into another, you want to be sure that the home you move to is a good one; the perfect one; the right one. How can you be sure that the home you’re getting matches your needs? Many recommend (as we do) to take a tour of the homes you’re looking at and see what features they have and don’t have that you need to live in it. As this is a recommended (and in our opinion required) step of the home buying process, this is not the only recommendation. You should consider buying a new home. When we say “new” we don’t mean new to you; we mean new as in recently built and never used. But why buy a new home?

Sizecustom new home

Newer homes tend to be larger. Our society loves big houses. It could be that we have more stuff, or it could just be we love lots of open and extra space. Older homes can be overall smaller, or more focused on storage space than actual living space. If you are a home-buyer looking for a home for you and your family, you should consider a home that has a lot of open floor space. You will have more room to move comfortably, store things, move furniture, and if you have kids there’s more room to play. There should be enough room to not feel cramped and there should be no walkways where you look and say “I guess it’s a one-way hallway.” This is not to say that you won’t find an old home with lots of size, but it is more common to find this in new homes, along with many new features that are unique and cannot be found in old homes.


The features that new homes have over old homes are in just about any case be considered an upgrade. These features can range from extremely minor changes to major changes. Some upgrades commonly found in newer homes can include larger kitchens and larger bathrooms. This takes away from other rooms in overall square-footage, but adds onto features that many buyers look for in a home. Always check for a unique feature that makes your home stand out. For example, find a house with a unique hobby room, such as a pool room or a man cave. One extreme upgrade you can find in a new home as opposed to an old home is the highly-sought-after customizations. You can customize a new home, especially if it’s still in the building process.

Buying a New Home From a Builder

New homes are often sold directly from the builder. In other cases builders have their own real estate agent(s) that they work with to sell their homes. No matter what you choose, you can buy a new home from a custom new home builder to build your dream home and never worry about shopping around anymore. When you customize your home you gain the option to build the layout of the home to your own preferences and needs. Along with this, you can choose the overall architectural style of the home which can improve your overall value in terms of financing down the road. Making your home unique but functional adds more value than you might think.

When buying a new home, it is extremely important to do a walk-through of the home, or look over the plans of the home you’re building with your custom new home builder. If you’re still on edge on which type of home you should look at, consider this: who can top a new home with fresh paint? Finally we have what is possibly the most important factor of ALL: new homes don’t have ghosts!

If you do consider buying a new home and you’re in North Carolina, contact Southern Pines Homes for a custom new home builder today!