Green Home Builders

green home in nc

Southern Pines Homes is pleased to be a North Carolina green home builder. We do anything and everything we can to build our homes as green as possible, while still upholding our promise of providing quality homes. As green home builders, we strive to make as little of an impact as we can on the environment during construction, and after the home is completed. To be a green home builder requires a lot on our end, but very little on your end. Before building the home, you give us the design of your dream home that you would like to live in. This home is the ideal home of perfection, customized to your own preferences. This is where the green building comes into play. We choose the materials, based on what you request, and try to get the best quality product, while still minimizing our environmental impact. Afterwards, we work on the layout of where the home will go exactly. In this stage we try to keep as much of the land in as healthy of a condition as possible.

When we build the home, we use equipment that does not harm the environment as much as possible, and avoid any damage to the surroundings entirely. All of this does not increase your costs. Actually, it may save you money in the long-run because of the energy savings it could bring you after you settle in. Our green home building in NC is available to anyone, whether it be on your own custom lot, or a community such as our waterfront community of The Bluffs on the Cape Fear.

If you are interested in customizing your very own new dream home with our green home building specialty, feel free to contact us today!

For more information about green home building, visit the EPA green home webpage.