custom home designChoosing your house plans can be intimidating, yet fun and exciting at the same time. Your new home, whether designing on your own custom lot or not, can turn out to be you and your family’s dream home, or just another average house that you could have bought off the market for less. Your new home should accommodate your living needs, style, and still be comfortable and functional. Now this time-consuming process has too many aspects of it to be listed in one article, but there are some core elements that each and every family looking to build a new custom home need to consider.

Living Needs – Space and Comfort

You should build your home according to how you and your family live your lives. If there’s any secret to home building that you need to know it’s that your home needs to accommodate your living needs. If you are the kind of person who entertains guests often, or have a genius cook in the house, consider sprucing up your kitchen. Maybe give it some more countertop space to work with, or make it more open if multiple people will be moving through simultaneously. Also accommodate for the number of people that will live in your home for every room, not just the living room. This includes hallways, main dining rooms, kitchens, the basement, the laundry room, or any other room that you and your family may look to build to make your home unique. For pool fanatics, a pool room should be able to hold many people comfortably.

Besides the usual aesthetics of making your home look nice and the functionality of it, you should always place comfort first. Comfort is a combination of many things that only you and your family can decide what particular combination is most comfortable. One key element of making the rooms of a home (and in turn the resulting home) feel comfortable is to provide adequate space for whatever the use of the room will be. When the home is complete you do not want to look around and decide that you could have given this room more square-footage, or less square-footage. Make sure your room has enough space to not only hold people, but furniture, appliances, and other accessories such as mirrors, paintings, or pictures that may be placed on the walls. Always think ahead when designing your rooms. All of them! Interior design is often left unthought of throughout the home design process. However, do not give a room too much space to the point that it cannot be filled. The rooms will look empty, unused, and give off the feeling of having little to no privacy. Not to mention all that extra cleaning involved when you can see everything from everywhere!

Break the Floor plans Down

For those who are unclear of the primary stages of choosing your floor plans and home designs, here they are:

  • Structure and foundation
  • Electrical and plumbing work
  • Interior design
  • Assess your design and restructure it accordingly

Though each of these steps are important, the fourth and final step is the most important. Your home design is not going to be perfect on the first attempt. Try not to overlook the big picture and the small details alike. Every piece of this home should match your unique needs and wants, so don’t skip that final step. Look it over by yourself first and try to find something that looks like it can be changed. When you’re confident, talk the plans over with your designer and see what they think before finalizing them. Finally, your federal, your state, and your city governments each have their own set of laws and codes that are in place for all homes. Make sure you meet them and if you don’t find out what the best option would be for your dream home.

Ask For Help!

Always feel free to ask for help! It doesn’t matter whom you ask or who you believe can help you the most, just ask them. Your floor plans will be broken down into small pieces by your home builder for you to manage. For each piece no matter how small it is, take it to a close family member, a friend, or even a professional in the field of home design and custom new home building. They can help you narrow down your choices between floor plans, and they will always find something that you may never even have thought about. Regrets are the worst thing that can happen at the end of your build, and you want to eliminate that possibility beforehand, not after the house is built. Second, third, and even fourth opinions are absolutely recommended! However, just because they may recommend something doesn’t mean that you should go with that idea. Use your own family’s lifestyle and character to decide whether or not that change is actually what you want. Remember, they are recommendations, not requirements!

If you want help building your new home, you should definitely check out some of these sites. Each of them should be used in every new home build:

  • – This free site can be helpful before you even begin the process. Use it to create floor plans down to the inch and picture it as if it was recently built.
  • If you’re looking to not sign up for anything and want a quick sketch of your home, you can use to make the plans and print them right on the spot.