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Build on Your North Carolina Lot

Southern Pines Homes in North Carolina is highly focused on providing our clients with only the best custom new homes in NC. Your affordable dream home is finally able to come to life with the vast variety of homes to choose from. Our collection of homes each share a few common characteristics: quality construction, energy efficiency, and design flexibility. We specialize in high quality construction of innovative homes, customized to your own personal preference. Our homes are 100% customizable to match your preferences in architectural style, size, color, and shape. On top of customizations, we are also green home builders . who try to be green so we harm the environment as little as possible, and save you money on bills in the future. Oftentimes clients choose to build their new home on their own pre-purchased lot.

Building your home on your own lot is preferred by many due to the flexibility you have while in the process of building. Customizing your home can turn out to be very interesting and unique; however, when you get to the physical building part and see the home come to life exactly as imagined, you tend to see it as real instead of your dream home. We are all about bringing dream homes to life, and changes are made constantly to the home throughout the process and having your own personal lot to build on allows you for the ability to manipulate your home’s layout to best match what you intended for that lot in particular. Building on your own lot has always been, for good reason, a popular choice!

If you’re interested in building on your own lot, our homes page is a great place to start building your unique home and get the creative juices flowing!